School lunch item review + Week 1 (2014/15) Bentos.

Happy Friday. It’s been a busy week around here. The first week of school is officially completed and all the kids are talking about is sleeping in over the weekend. I would like to say that I am in 100% agreement with their weekend plans. I’m pooped and ready for some quiet time and a few extra hours of ZZZzzz.
I mentioned on Instagram earlier this week that I was going to review our new school lunch stuff. It’s not a lot because only one kid takes lunch but I thought I’d share anyway. So here goes!
This is a new lunch box by Igloo. It’s relatively small but my youngest seems to like it. We need a top loading bag so all of his bento stuff and his drink can fit and this bag does just that. The interior can be wiped clean and the strap is adjustable. It’s actually kinda cute, as camo goes. IMG_7286.JPG
Here are a few action shots of Michael packing his lunch on the one day per week that he has that duty. I’ll show the picture of the actual items in the bento section below. IMG_7287.JPG







We also purchased hot and cold cups for the boys to use in the morning. In the cooler months they get milk, juice or iced tea in those and in the winter I give them hot tea. Michael usually drinks half of his while wandering around the house before its time to walk to the bus stop. He saves the rest for lunch. Gabriel usually finished his right before the bus pulls up and I take the cup back home with me. They also use these cups through out the day and when not in use the cups live on a personalized coaster on the kitchen counter which helps keep the counters organized, the cups where they can be found and the sink dishes manageable.
These cups are the CoolGear Eco2Go coffee and tea mugs. We bought them from Five Below and the kids love them! Mike’s is green with skateboard images. Gabriel’s is blue with rock and roll images. These were a great find!





Last but not least, our bentos for the week.
Nutella sandwich cut outs using “Cars” cut outs from William and Sonoma. Carrots with ranch, mini green turkey legs (grapes) and multicolored goldfish crackers.

Camping themed bento:
Nutella graham crackers, marshmallows with smileys using a food pen, granola, golden raisins, carrots with ranch and grapes.


Mike’s self packed lunch. His idea of a bento was the little container with the crackers. LOL! He packed Nutella graham crackers, Pringles and applesauce.

Last one. SpongeBob Squarepants themed bento. Nutella crabby patties, pretzels with Nutella dip, fruit snacks, broccoli and snow peas with “2 hours later” written in food pen.



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  1. krys says:

    Love these ideas!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

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