Waffle-wiches are Deli-ci-i-cious!

I discovered last night that sandwiches made from frozen waffles are delicious. Though it might sound a little crazy it’s absolutely a must try. 🙂 We got home really late last night and while the kids did their bedtime routine I made these:
The recipe is from Rachel Ray (here’s the book). It’s so simple you can do it with one sleepy eye closed, which is how I did it cause I was pooped.
•Frozen waffles (I used frozen Belgian waffles)
•Smoked turkey
•Black Forest ham
•Swiss cheese
•Honey mustard (Didn’t have any so I mixed Dijon mustard and a bit of honey. No one was the wiser)
•Cranberry sauce
•Butter (forgot to snap a pic. Blaming that on delirium)

Warm the waffles in the oven. You want them slightly toasted.

Melt a few pats of butter in a large skillet.
Assemble by putting the honey mustard on one side of the lightly toasted waffle, add turkey, ham and Swiss then top with a waffle that has cranberry sauce on one side.

Toast up the entire sandwich in the buttery skillet and serve it piping hot with chips. (We ate Utz Crab chips with ours.)

Yummy yummy waffle-wiches! Rachel Ray compares them to Monte Cristo sandwiches which I can’t speak to because I’ve never had one but these buttery, cheesy, meaty, slightly sweet and tangy sandwiches are definitely being added to our list of quick satisfying, delicious, comfort foods. Enjoy guys!
-Danita, the sleepy home cook. 🙂


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