Am and Pm Routine Trackers.

Hi all! Here are two trackers you can use for morning and evening routines. You can even reward yourself as you’re building these habits. Enjoy! image 2 image 3

Free Digital Planner Page

Hi guys! Happy new year!! I’ve created a “messy themed” digital planner page just for you. Enjoy! messy planner page

Coupon code!

Hey y’all!! Maybe you saw my Instagram post or story or my Facebook post about crafting, planning and creating. So now you’re here taking advantage of this awesome coupon code. I’m so glad you’re getting ready to grab some fun materials. I don’t know about you but craft supplies make my heart sing! LOL. Enjoy…

10 Things trying to be more Zero Waste has revealed.

Nothing has challenged my “Planner Bae” and organizing ways like reducing our family’s waste. Since May of this year I’ve been working on reducing how much stuff we have/consume. What I mean by this is, how much our family’s habits impact us, the folks around us and the planet. It’s been very enlightening! We are…

Easy refrigerator pickles

Hi guys! Every week we get a box of produce from Hungry Harvest. The box that we’ve selected is a huge haul of various delicious and tasty fruits and veggies. Sometimes we get veggies that go super fast and sometimes others kind of linger around the fridge. It happened that we had four english cucumbers…

The Absolute Single Judge of Value and Worth. Period.

There was once a man who grew up in a fishing village. This man lived in this small, bustling village his entire life and was a wealthy master fisherman.  One day his home caught fire and burned to the ground destroying all of his possessions. The man was left penny less and desperate. With no…

Urban Life Short: Passport D.C. 

Every year embassies in D.C. open their doors for visitors to experience their culture. This event is Passport D.C. This was our first year going and it was an amazing event. We visited Kenya, Korea, Portugal, Guatemala, and Haiti.

AGTW in the All Things Woman Talk Show 

Hi guys! A little while ago I received an invitation for AGlanceThisWay to be on the All Things Woman Talk Show. The show is based in Wilmington Delaware and broadcasts live on Facebook on Monday nights at 9 PM. The topic of the show I was asked to be a guest on was “Beauty From…

Urban Life Short: Niagara Falls

We decided to take a family vacation during Christmas break. I found a Groupon for Niagara Falls which made it super reasonable. We spent two days exploring Niagara Falls. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast! These are sweet memories.

Urban Life Short: Princeton New Jersey. 

De’Maryo and I decided to take a last-minute trip to visit friends in New Jersey. De’Maryo has known these folks for years and you know how it goes, your spouses friends become your friends! De’Maryo’s friend is finishing up a Masters of theology at Princeton University so we took some time to look at the…