Urban Life Short: Passport D.C.ย 

Every year embassies in D.C. open their doors for visitors to experience their culture. This event is Passport D.C. This was our first year going and it was an amazing event. We visited Kenya, Korea, Portugal, Guatemala, and Haiti.

Urban Life Short: Niagara Falls

We decided to take a family vacation during Christmas break. I found a Groupon for Niagara Falls which made it super reasonable. We spent two days exploring Niagara Falls. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast! These are sweet memories.

Urban Life Short: Princeton New Jersey.ย 

De’Maryo and I decided to take a last-minute trip to visit friends in New Jersey. De’Maryo has known these folks for years and you know how it goes, your spouses friends become your friends! De’Maryo’s friend is finishing up a Masters of theology at Princeton University so we took some time to look at the…

A few things that I snapped from the inter webs. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Enjoy!!  That’s just good stuff right there! Yes eyeliner!  Of course Joanna has Christmas presents and a tree thats design worthy. I grabbed some wrapping paper from the dollar store! Love her!!! Skin. Just skin. Where are her poooorrreeesss? I need to know! Gorgeous!! The kind of thing I want to eat but don’t want…

Ideas for a Brain Break. Edition 2

This post is for the people who doodle. The doodlers, if you were. You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t have to be good at drawing. Like, not even a little bit good. This is for you, not for mass consumption, right? Who cares if it’s gorgeous because that’s not what it’s about….

Ideas for a Brain Break. Edition 1

I need brain breaks. Breaks for my brain. Moments in my life when I need to escape what is currently going on and do something…else. Not just anything else though. If that were the case then I’d go fold that laundry that’s been balled up in the basket in my laundry room for a week….

Things that inspired me today.

Hi! Here are a few things that struck me today. I hope you enjoy. It’s the colors. The black and white with the leaves and grass. I thought this pic was DOPE. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes! Scared but, yes! She did that! Chuh! Gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚ #officegoals. Soon! IDK who these people are but I am calmed and…

Date Night in Georgetown.

My Hunny and I had a lovely date night at one of our favorite restaurants in Georgetown. It’s called Kafe Leopold and it’s adorable and sweet all at the same time. If you’re ever in DC stop by. You’ll thank me! This is the quaint little alleyway that Leopold’s is on The menu, which is…

Coffee, dessert…Langston Hughes

Hi guys! I haven’t posted this week because I’ve been in bed with the flu. I’m feeling better everyday though!! Here are some shots from an accidental evening siesta with my honey. We were invited to a friends birthday party and told it was at a coffee shop at 7pm. The party planners had to…

City life and my men

We took the kids thrifting in NW DC. They found gloves, a down vest and two long sleeve shirts. They were thrilled! After leaving the thrift store we decided to stop by a small organic “bodega” one block away. The kids bought organic grass fed chocolate milk. I snapped these photos on our walk to…

Art-O-Matic in DC

Went to Art-O-matic the weekend it opened. Lots of fun in this 9 story office building turned temporary art gallery

Busboys & Poets

Went to this cafe called Busboys and Poets inย a local art district. Here is some of the photography.