5 Quick Lifehacks!

It’s Friday and we’ve had fun together all week! 🙂 I was talking to a friend this week who shared with me her newest obsession with “Lifehacks”. She was so cute as she explained how much fun she was having reading posts about little things that could make life a bit more seamless. Well, in dedication to this urban mamma…here are five lifehacks that bless me regularly! LOL

#1. Never sort silver ware again!! Yeah, that plastic thing in the draw that catches all kinds of debris…swap it out for a caddy! Silverware comes out of the dishwasher and you just throw it in the can!


#2. Kill that sink full of cups by assigning folks a coaster. Folks grab a cup and enjoy a beverage. When they’re finished they just rinse out the cup and put it on their coaster. The next time they’re thirsty the cup is ready and the sink isn’t full at the end of the day.


#3. Stop cereal spillage. I’ve got two little kids at home. They’re old enough to make their own bowl of cereal but young enough to destroy the box or spill all the cereal when they’re trying to open the box. Argggg! My solution for this kind if nonsense is a dry food container with a top. 🙂


#4. Keep your kitchen trash fresher for longer. Believe it or not, there is a difference between garbage and trash. Garbage is the stuff in the can that rots and creates odor like the raw chicken skin and veggie ends from a recipe. Trash is the other stuff like paper or tissue. Tie garbage up in diaper bags so the smell is contained. I got these from the dollar store!


#5. Make cleaning the toilet super simple. Put liquid soap, a little bleach and some water into the bowl your toilet brush sits in. When you finish with the bathroom in the morning take an extra 30 seconds to swish out the bowl. The brush is ready and waiting and the bleach keeps the germs in check between uses.



These are a few of my hacks. What are some of yours?

Until next time!


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