Ideas for a Brain Break. Edition 2

This post is for the people who doodle. The doodlers, if you were. You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t have to be good at drawing. Like, not even a little bit good. This is for you, not for mass consumption, right? Who cares if it’s gorgeous because that’s not what it’s about….

Making Room in Your Bubble.

Hi guys. The most popular post on AGlanceThisWay is about setting boundaries and recovering from people pleasing. I wrote these posts over three years ago and yet every week someone on the internet reads these posts because they are searching for answers to help them set boundaries and recover from people pleasing.¬†When I initially wrote…

Ideas for a Brain Break. Edition 1

I need brain breaks. Breaks for my brain. Moments in my life when I need to escape what is currently going on and do something…else. Not just anything else though. If that were the case then I’d go fold that laundry that’s been balled up in the basket in my laundry room for a week….