Dear God, I believe but can we talk about it first?

Mary, Jesus’ mother was the original urban mom, wasn’t she! Minding her business doing her thing and suddenly everything changed! She was painting her nails or deep conditioning her hair and in walked Gabriel and in a matter of moments she was a single mother in Nazareth with no baby daddy! LOL. Bonkers. I read her story this morning and realized that I really like this Chica. Her first response to Gabriel was not graceful acceptance. It was “Hold on one second buddy. I don’t know you and I’m not sure what your being here actually means”. I love it! After he reassures her and tells her why he is there she then wants to know “How?”. Again, I love it!! Then Gabriel let’s her know she isn’t alone. Her older relative Elizabeth is pregnant too! Then Mary surrenders and believes.
Her story gave me so much reassurance this morning. I can plan and organize to my hearts content but sometimes, plans change and life happens. And guess what!! It’s ok to question God about it. -take a moment to let that sink in. God is not afraid of your questions. Be at peace today knowing that if He rearranges your plans and reroutes your course he can handle your need for discussion. I love it!!



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