A new school year and the Bentos are back!!

In my NFL Monday Night Football voice: Welcome to the 2013/2014 school year everyone. It’s gonna be an exciting year with a lot of growth and learning! Kids are pumped! Moms and Dads are pumped! The dog and cat are pumped! 🙂 Lets hear it for our starting line up: Aallll the kiiiiids everyyyyyywheeerrreeeee! *Cheers, screaming and some hooting*
Can anyone tell that I’m suuuuppper excited about this school year? Siked! The kids are starting at a new school. Let me just say that I liked the old school. We had some great times however, we had some challenges also. My oldest is one of those kids that will churn out the ton of work you give him but will have learned absolutely nothing. He has a natural knack for side stepping the process. He pushes the boundaries and is always looking for the “other” way to do things. These skills will serve him well as an adult however he has to “pay the piper” now, learning wise. So he needs hard and fast boundaries, clear, consistent, creative consequences and most of all FUN. He’s just a FUN kinda guy. The youngest is my thinker. He holds the entire world in his head and makes meaningful connections with his environment. He subscribes value to experiences, things and people based on a very personal complicated previously established (when he established it, I haven’t the slightest clue) system of ideas and values. What can I say. He is who he is.
Last school year was a challenge for both kids so this move to a new school with a more individualized and creative educational philosophy is very exciting for us. I’m still gonna be very visible. As a matter of a fact excuse me while I call the school about Gabriel’s instrument selection…ok, I’m back! I am turning into “that mom”. SMH. You know exactly who I’m talking about. The one who calls to make sure her kids application for the school orchestra made it from the classroom teachers satchel, where the tired teacher shoved it last evening at Back to School night because I held her up when I couldn’t find the director and didn’t want to risk the list filling up, into the hands of the director AND his preference for the cello is also clearly understood by the director. Uughh. I need to calm down. So, how’s your school year going?? Oh and Bento’s are below!







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