Free Digital Planner Page

Hi guys! Happy new year!! I’ve created a “messy themed” digital planner page just for you. Enjoy! messy planner page

Ideas for a Brain Break. Edition 2

This post is for the people who doodle. The doodlers, if you were. You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t have to be good at drawing. Like, not even a little bit good. This is for you, not for mass consumption, right? Who cares if it’s gorgeous because that’s not what it’s about….

Making Room in Your Bubble.

Hi guys. The most popular post on AGlanceThisWay is about setting boundaries and recovering from people pleasing. I wrote these posts over three years ago and yet every week someone on the internet reads these posts because they are searching for answers to help them set boundaries and recover from people pleasing. When I initially wrote…

Ideas for a Brain Break. Edition 1

I need brain breaks. Breaks for my brain. Moments in my life when I need to escape what is currently going on and do something…else. Not just anything else though. If that were the case then I’d go fold that laundry that’s been balled up in the basket in my laundry room for a week….

The Imagine Impact Project!

Life is so short. I spent the better part of yesterday “remembering how to live”! I have been incredibly busy and I looked up to realize that I had been helping everyone else and had allowed me and my life to slip some. It didn’t slip much but it was enough to make me notice….

An Affirmation for Recovering People Pleasers.

People pleasers don’t know how to set healthy boundaries. People who don’t know how to set healthy boundaries are also people who don’t make decisions. They can never decide because, what I like to call O.P.O (other peoples opinions) are louder than their own. If you want to stop people pleasing there’s one thing to…

Nasty Danita vs Nice Danita

“My life’s message is written on the lives of others.” In my ways: actions and treatment of myself and others. In my choices: appearance, conversation, entertainment, friends. In my thoughts: about myself, about others, about this world, about God. I don’t impress this message on anyone more than on my own family . It easiest…

Yummy and Delicious Thai Chicken Pizza

A few weeks ago I realized that I had a problem. I didn’t want to cook anymore. This was really huge for me because I am a cooker! I love the creativity that cooking gives me and I love the reward of eating something tasty.  I had just completely run out of inspiration. I realized…

8 Thoughts That Amazing People Think.

We’ve been told that our success or “goodness” is represented by the condition of our lives. “Successful” people are financially stable, fit, have an organized home, well behaved and intelligent children, vacation at least once a year, are well read and have taken the time to update their iOS to version 7.1.1/2! We measure ourselves…

A list for recovering people pleasers.

Hi guys! This is the second part of our chat on People Pleasing. This post contains a list of statements, affirmations and people pleasing indicators that I think are super helpful for recovering people pleasers. I think this list is phenomenal and I really want to jump right in but I recognize, as a recovering…