Bento boxes!

Hi guys,
Here are a few recent bento boxes from our 4th graders lunch. I follow a simple formula for lunches that generally means it has four components:
1. Protein
2. Grain
3. Fruit
4. Veggie

I work through these particulars when I do our meal planning for the week. This way my grocery list is accurate and I have what I need to build a box quickly. I post our meals on the fridge (so kids know what’s to expect for the week) and refer to this in the morning.
Here they are!
Nutella quesadillas, strawberries, peanuts, broccoli with ranch and a side of Cheerios.

Strawberries and black berries, snap peas with ranch, pepperoni and turkey skewers, graham crackers with Nutella.

Whole wheat bread “pillows”, pepperoni, carrots with ranch and pineapples.

Hers a picture of the guy who eats these!


Lastly, a funny meme for all the Mammas! This, pretty accurately, describes my issues with morning! LOL!
Have a great day lovelies!



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