Pinterest Test: Pancake mix in a ketchup bottle

Hello pinners!
I know everyone and their aunt has seen this pin:

The caption reads “OMG! No mess pancakes! Pin now, use later”

Well, being the Pinner that I am, I gave it a go.

My verdict: It works and I’ll be doing this again!

I made an entire 38oz bottle of pancake mix on a Sunday evening. I used the mix all week (7 days!) and the results were great.

Some folks reviewed this and said it was too messy or not worth the trouble. I would agree with the later if you’re using a small recycled bottle. It’s not worth it for one meal. However, for a weeks worth of silver dollar or regular sized pancakes for kids to eat at breakfast or for an afternoon snack, yes, it is worth it.

I used a “Just add water” mix and a large mixing bowl with a handle and spout. It wasn’t messy at all. I had already cleaned out an old ketchup bottle so I just poured in the batter (no funnel needed) and put the bottle in the door of the fridge.

Here’s a pic of pancakes from the last bit of mix.
I made pan after pan of yummy pancakes with out mixing bowl, whisk, spoon or water the first. It was lovely.

I wouldn’t recommend this for a big breakfast meal. I found this useful for early week day mornings where you wanna get in and get out.

Here’s a pic of eggs and turkey bacon that we had with our Ketchup bottle pancakes. The kids were smack in’ their lips. LOL!


This is going to become a staple in my weekday morning meal planning. I’m about to mix up a batch of cinnamon spice batter for this week. (Just add cinnamon, allspice and a little bit of nutmeg to the batter). Serve it with warm cider. Yum!
Be sweet!!


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