Coffee, dessert…Langston Hughes

Hi guys! I haven’t posted this week because I’ve been in bed with the flu. I’m feeling better everyday though!! Here are some shots from an accidental evening siesta with my honey.
We were invited to a friends birthday party and told it was at a coffee shop at 7pm. The party planners had to change the location and we never got the text so here we are looking for everyone and no one was to be found. Once we figured out what the mix up was we seriously considered heading over to the birthday bash that was 45 minutes away but decided: Hey, we are kid-free and at this lovely place, lets send our love and enjoy a simple calm evening together.
Not to mention after church that morning, we had been running around in DC visiting with friends who were in town from New Jersey and California. I was ready for a break. The day and evening were lovely.


We ordered a vanilla cappuccino and a peppermint latte.

Here is the art work hanging over the bar. I loved this kids eyes!! They seemed to perfectly capture the story behind the name of the restaurant.

The restaurant is named after Langston Hughes who was a busboy in NW,DC during the 1930’s. He was clearing tables at the Windham Park Hotel and recognized the famous American poet, Vachel Lindsay, at a nearby table. He put his poetry on the artist table and continued clearing dishes. The next day an newspaper article written by the famous American poet spoke of a brilliant “Negro busboy poet”.
Hence, the name Busboys & Poets.

(Accidentally snapped a pic of the intense couple a few tables over. It was love or something:) )




My honey.


Let America be America again / Let it be the dream it once was. -Langston Hughes


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