My latest realities + Where the Bento’s have gone

Hello all, so…I’ve taken another small break from blogging mainly due to my need to re-assess and make some alterations to my life. I hope that it gives you the warm fuzzies to know that I missed you terribly! Some things I have been thinking about:

-Purpose. Wanting to live my life in a way that is authentic to who I am.

-The Future. When it becomes the past will I be amazed or unimpressed??

-Being Honest with Danita. This was a really hard one because I am just now, at 35, learning to set boundaries.

-Being Brave. It can be hard out here for a pimp. LOL That’s just a line from a movie. It basically means that you have to own up to what you want, be honest and then have the nerve to go get it NO MATTER WHAT. So…

I am making some major life changes and to be honest (my 3rd time using this word) I am terrified however I know that nothing honest(4th! SMH), genuine or authentic has been accomplished that didn’t involve a bit of terror.

My newest life adventures:

-Leading worship at my church. (Might post about this. Might not)

-Becoming serious about photography (Oh, yes! Your gonna hear…or should I say see? idk…anyway, you’re getting all of this!)

-Planning the first “live” event for our lifestyle/brand company (this one too)

-Transitioning back to working from home. (seems a bit boring to me. But on second thought  the drama of organizing/keeping to schedule might be worth an occasions AGTW post)

-Transitioning the kids back to home school next school year (Seems a tiny bit promising)

-Increasing my commitment to fitness. (The life and times of me attempting to change my GO TO meals into fitness banquets of fitness health wonderfulness! Should be entertaining)

About the Bento Boxes:

Michael is kind of over them so as much as I LOVED making them I’m not gonna force him to eat a Bento lunch if he has moved on. Isn’t it just like a 7 year old to wake up one day nonplussed about something they loved yesterday? LOL! Anyway,  on to the next adventure.

I’ve missed you guys. Glad to be back. Make it a great day!



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