My First Birchbox

Birchbox is a fun way to keep up with what’s new in the beauty industry. Every month you get a box in the mail that is full of sample products. It’s a little “Mom treat”.Picture this: Your having the day from Hades and then the mail arrives with a bright yellow box that has your name on it. Its not so big that you feel like it requires oodles of attention and its not so small that you feel jipped. You grab your box and stash if for later because what mom has time “now!” A few hours later you’ve settled the kids down someplace out of an earshot, poured a glass of wine and stowed away to investigate your Birchbox booty (te te te)*Happy sigh*

I place my box on my pillow or in my purse (read as luggage) and then later I remember it’s there and I immediately get amped at the thought of digging in. Guilt free, calorie free, kid free, plus new beauty toys to love, play with, or regift to a friend that’s having a beauty crisis!! You can’t beat that.

My new package

Birch box

Pretty Pink

The goods

Volumizer Sample
Viva La Juicy
Viva Sample

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