Me and the Fly Lady

If you read my very first post you will see that my home is not always tidy. That about sums up what I am saying there. Well, I read this lovely blog by Eunice at and one day while traveling around her blog I decided to see what elegant decorating tips she had. Near the bottom of that post is a link that read “system for housekeeping”. Now, words like that ring my bell! A system you say? Once I set this system up does it mean I don’t have to think!! Every Mom I know wants to put as many things as she possibly can on auto pilot. I clicked the link and found my self on

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I saw some “FlyLady” products and it looked like she had a Youtube Channel that she was promoting. I initially started to feel like the site was more junk than anything else. You almost have to know what it is before you arrive there because it’s not obvious to the newbie. I clicked on Getting Started which took me to a basic beginners run down. The program starts with signing up for emails through Big Tent and then start your Flying Lessons. I signed up for everything and jumped right in. The promise of routines that would eventually become second nature was the sound of heavenly angels singing over my head.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I jumped in head first. Skipped the baby steps (even though Flylady advised against this) and took on the whole enchilada. Needless to say after three weeks of “Flying” I hit a wall. I was overwhelmed, over stimulated and overly anxious! I was doing too much and the “doing” part was the problem. I was doing, doing, doing tasks and I should have been developing, developing, developing habits.

So, I have decided to go back to Baby Steps and start again. What I know is that the system works!! My home is much
neater than it was however its neater because habits developed amidst all my “doing”

I am going to chronicle this adventure. I would LOVE some company on this journey so please join me!  If you feel like a “system for housekeeping” would give you some peace of mind then lets do this together. You don’t have to be currently living in a trash heap to jump in. I don’t live in squalor but Jesus know’s I need some help. Looking forward to doing this together. Just comment below and let me know your joining in.



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