Bento school lunches Week 2 + A weird birthday treat.

Hello everyone,
We had an amazing week all week long! I hope your week knocked your socks off as well. Last weekend we celebrated Michael’s 9th birthday. We went laser tagging and then had a little party at the house. It was a really fun day. Every year for their birthday I make a weird snack to decorate the table and contribute to the festivities. Plus, since I’m a mom of boys, weird things replace the cutesy things that a girl mom might deliver. Last year I made gummy worms in dirt and this year I made smiles. Weird little snacks made of apples, peanut butter and marshmallows. It was pretty fun and they tasted like caramel candy apples with peanuts! Yum! ( but still weird). Look for a pic at the end.
Ok, back to the bentos! Here’s this week line up:
Monday was a holiday so scratch that.

Tuesday: Nutella on bacon flavored ritz, Cheerios, a dried fig, broccoli and carrots with humus. IMG_7343.JPG
I also sent an apple cut and secured with a rubber band so it wouldn’t brown. Here is a previous post on how to do this.

And here’s a little diagram you can screen shot and save til you need it! Just cut following the letters and viola!

Wednesday: I made Reese’s cup “sushi” rolls, mini marshmallows, goldfish, peanuts, broccoli and carrots with humus.

The 5th grader asked for a mini bento because he loves the “sushi” rolls. I happily obliged.

Thursday: Nutella mini sandwiches, peanuts, blue berries and carrots with humus. Packed in a brand new bento that arrived this week. I’m going to do a review of the haul once we’ve broken in the items. It’s gonna be fun!

(He asked that I remove that little green pick from the blueberries. He said it was “littlekidish”. I was sad for a sec 😦 cause it is littlekidish and he’s my littlest kid! 🙂 Then he grabbed the sword pick, stabbed a few berries and walked away, so…swords it was.)
Friday: Tortillas and salsa, Nutella quesadillas, peanuts, blue berries with balloon string picks, carrots and humus.

Here are the treats from the birthday party:

It could not be simpler. Cut your apples into slices.
Tip: make them thin. Big old goofy slices make the smiles look goofy…or goofier, I guess I should say.
Soak em in lemon juice and water so they don’t brown, add a tiny bit of peanut butter (as glue for the marshmallows, think “nearly undetectable”) stick the marshmallows on.
Tip: start with the two middle “teeth” centered on the slice. If there’s one marshmallow slapped directly in the middle the smile will look strange.
Next a little peanut butter on the top slice. Rest it into of the slices and bam! Weird little apple smiles. I made a card that read “SMILE…it’s your birthday!” And supplied extra “teeth” for snacking.



Alrighty guys. Have a great weekend!
Stay sweet,


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