New school year…to bento or not to bento

Hi everyone.

In a few short weeks the school year will be back in full swing and lunches will be underway yet again. Will I bento this year? I didn’t bento the later part of last school year. A lot was happening like I got married and moved so making little cute lunches kinda went out of the window. Now that we have moved to a house and we have a bigger kitchen…the itch has returned! LOL! The other thing about making bentos in keeping up with the StUfF. Honey, I can get carried away with bento supplies and I need to re-up on containers ect. Decisions, Decisions.

With that said…I think I’ll discuss it with the 4th grader and see how he feels about it. I’m game if he’s game. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. See ya soon!

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