Bento Boxes & help from my Bento Box mentor

Recently I was visiting the Facebook page of my unofficial Bento Box mentor Wendy from Wendolonia. I have always LOVED her pictures of food. Clear, simple, straight forward and decidedly kid-like. A lot of that wonderfulness comes from her simple straight forward design approach. Everything in her box looks like something any mom on any day can pull off. (Love her) While on her page I had a question about the lighting she uses for her pictures. Wendy was wonderful enough to respond right away with a great post on how she creates the magic. Natural light is her secret! So, I took my mentors advise and Viola! I am thrilled with the results, hope you enjoy them also!

Pepperoni, edemane, matchstick carrots, ranch dipping sauce, goldfish and clementines. This box came home pretty much empty!

I made this one and the one below pretty much identical. When something works just stick with it, right?

This box was a big hit with the boys! Kiwi slices, pepperoni, snap pea crisps, happy face marshmallows with a secret message on the bottom. (a heart that says I ❤ U) pretzels, almonds and cinnamon apple sauce in the container with a strawberry fruit flat flower cut out.

Same as above just change the kiwi out for a peeled clementine!

Our last box is peach yogurt  clementine wedges with a red gum ball, snap pea crisps, crackers and lil’ smokie’s with BBQ dipping sauce in the middle. Michael though those bone picks were so funny!!

This post had to be super quick but I got everything in here. Thanks for stopping by!

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