An explanation of where I have been.

Welp, I’m back. I know its been some time since I posted anything. Here are my reasons:

1. I moved, unexpectedly.

2. The unexpected move was to a much smaller space.

3. Due to size, I had to approach organization in a creative fashion (read as: purge junk, rearrange like 15 times, then purge more junk)

4. It has taken some time to create my ingenious system.

5. The system has gained momentum so, I’m back! I missed you guys.

It comes down to this: The kids and I needed to get our lives settled with the move and I, being a person who needs routines though I can be slow on the uptake with establishing them, had to take the time to…establish

I made Bento boxes while making sense of our physical belonging however I did not take the time to snap pictures of them because I knew that blogging would not be on my radar for some time.

Which brings me to my next point: I plan to broaden my blog content. My posts will still be about this working Mom who wears a cape (like ALL working Moms) however I want to talk about other topics that pop into our reality.


So stay tuned because next week…BENTOS ARE BACK plus some extras.



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