AGTW in the All Things Woman Talk Show 

Hi guys! A little while ago I received an invitation for AGlanceThisWay to be on the All Things Woman Talk Show. The show is based in Wilmington Delaware and broadcasts live on Facebook on Monday nights at 9 PM. The topic of the show I was asked to be a guest on was “Beauty From the Inside Out”. It was an amazing experience. I met awesome entrepreneurs. These are woman who are developing their products, brands, and entrepreneurial contributions to the world. But not only that every woman I met there was kind, gracious and endearing. These woman are the exact definition of Urban Moms-their lives are densely populated but they still manage to find their leadership and help others do the same. I was truly inspired by being in their presence. 

The All Things Woman Talk Show is another example of women who have discovered their leadership and are inspiring other women to discover theirs! 

Here is the show footage. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! 


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