Do you have a “Mom’s Mission Statement”?

My life has changed so much since 2012. In 2012 I  was a divorced single mom, ex entrepreneur, hourly employee with no health insurance who was trying to put her life back together. Now, things are different. I am married to a truly wonderful man (he’s perfect for me). He has become an amazing father to our kids, I have a job that gives me opportunities to make a positive impact in my city, I am back at my entrepreneurial ways and our business is growing. I have found my self, in many ways. There is a song titled Her Heart by Anthony Hamilton that I love. The song is about a man who realized that his wife was being deeply affected by his unsavory actions and changes his ways. The lyrics are:

I had a habit of messing up
Staying out late and getting drunk
I let you down a thousand times
Broken promises
It’s like I ran away from you
My career was my excuse
Until I saw you about to drown in your own tears
And as you cried in my arms
You woke up my heart
And I saw again what I found in you
Cuz her heart, her heart wont let me lose her
No matter how I try
I just cant say goodbye and lose her.

These original lyrics did not  exactly reflect the events of my life. My ex-husband did not “wake up” and realize I was drowning but still when I heard the song it made me cry and celebrate and it helped me to capture emotions that brought me incredible joy and love. I tweeked the lyrics and for me, the song said though my ex-husband had let me down, God saw me about to drown in my own tears. I cried in His arms and He woke up my heart and I found again what I had in HIM. And that HIM, in my heart, won’t let me lose my self. That no matter how I try He just can’t say “goodbye” and let me lose me. (Please excuse the grammar). I felt so loved!!

Now you may wonder what this has to do with a Mom’s Mission Statement so let me wrap all this up and put a nice neat pretty bow on top. After realizing that when I gave my sorrow to God, He wouldn’t let me drown in my tears and wouldn’t let me loose myself to the foolishness of it all I found the strength to begin putting my sad little life back together. One of the major things that helped me to start mending my life was writing my Mom’s Mission Statement. This document gave me clarity! It told me/reminded me who I was/wanted to be. When you are growing, changing, transitioning, shifting, developing or, in any kind of way, experiencing some kind of life disturbance (be it pleasant or unpleasant) you need a touch stone. You need something that will help you to stay true to your values, principles and character. Especially if things get messy.

Here is a link to the original post that explains how to write your MMS.  June 7, 2016 is the 4 year anniversary of my MMS and I can say, with out any doubt, that this document has been a key to the success I have experienced over the last 4 years.

Here is my original statement from 2012:

My mission statement

As a Believer:    To love God passionately with my entire life, actions, decisions, relationships and strength.

As a Wife:           To love, honor, serve and admire him.

As a Mom:          To raise balanced children who love God and live for Him alone. To demonstrate this kind of life to my children by communicating unwavering commitment  to Jesus though all my actions and interactions with them and as they watch me with others.

As a Worship Leader: To lavish love onto God without measure or restraint.

As a Business Woman:        To empower the oppressed through businesses. To bring wide sweeping liberty from the current work culture that promotes capitalism above families. To present a work culture that deeply supports and views as its top priority, strong families through strong marriages.


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