2016 Six Month Check-In Challenge

May is almost over and June marks the second half of 2016. This is a great time to stop and reassess where we are with our goals, planning, preparation and most importantly our execution. What are we actually getting done?! For some of us we are kicking things off our goal list like crazy and for others of us our goals seem like a far speck of a distant thing that we may never reach. In either scenario there is room for regrouping and moving in to the second half of this year with renewed energy.

Below you will find a 15 question challenge designed to help us reflect on the first half of the year and look ahead to the next half. I will also post some more tips on planning for the second half of the year and staying focused on the prize.

Let’s connect on the AGTW Facebook page to share some feedback on these questions!


(As always click here for the free printable 2016 6 month check in)

  1. What have you learned in the first 6 months of 2016 that has helped you grow?
  2. How are you applying this to your life?
  3. Have you been a leader that has lead by example?
  4. Have you communicated love, acceptance and belonging to your family this year? How? Did they feel it? Did they reciprocate?
  5. In the last 6 months, how have you lifted your teammates and your organization? Be specific.
  6. What people have added value to you this year? Describe the value you have received. How are you reinvesting that value?
  7. To whom have you added value this year? How do you know that you have added to this person? Can you follow up with these people and compound what has been added?
  8. What major accomplishments have you had during the first half of the year?
  9. Who were the people that helped you accomplish these goals?
  10. How have you demonstrated your appreciation for their efforts?
  11. Who are your key players/inner circle? Have you spent enough time with them investing into the relationship? How can you help them to be more successful?
  12. What have you encountered this year to which you need to give more thinking time? Are there lessons to be learned? Are there things to be done?
  13. Review your 2016 goals and if necessary, make edits.
  14. Review your personal priorities and if necessary, make edits.


Your time is finite and everything cannot have equal importance. You must decide what will play second to accomplishing your goals.



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