$2 Lunches in 10 minutes.

Here is my mantra on homemade school lunches:

Lunch should be simple, healthy, inexpensive and tasty.

 I am in the process of putting together an E-Book on lunches that can be made in 10 minutes for around $2. My lunch making process is more of an assembly rather than actually “making” LOL. The truth is, it’s simple and really economical to make a fun, healthy lunch with just a few items like leftovers, bits of this and that and few small containers. The E-Book will be ready in time to practice your lunch “assembly” skills over the summer and be ready to make sweet, fun, healthy, stress free lunches for next school year.

Mini Sausages, blackberries, broccoli and peanut butter wafers.
Carnitas soft tacos with carrots and pineapples.
Seafood cakes, oyster crackers, carrots, blackberries and vanilla wafers
Peanut butter and jelly bites, broccoli, kiwi slices, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and vanilla wafers.

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