Spring Break 2016-Day 2

I came downstairs this morning and immediately made a cup of tea with honey and cream. So good. I warmed up a pastry that my husband brought home for me from work and then I got the sweetest call from my babies. They’re having a ball in North Carolina riding bikes, flying kites and plan to visit the wild horses later today. I miss them so much. My neice sent this adorable picture.

I did some reorganizing in our basement where we have our video/photography studio and craft area. It gets pretty “creative” down there so it needed some tlc. I took some time to straighten my hair then my Hunny and I went to the $5.00 movie night at our Regal Theaters to see Alegiant. We bought Sofrita burritos from Chipotle and raced home so we could catch our favorite show, Fixer Upper, on HGTV. It was a sweet day!

imageTomorrow is gonna be busy. We are meeting with a client, working on the business, meeting friends in DC for appetizers and then getting together with a group of married friends for taco night. It’ll be a busy but fun day.

Thanks for being sweet and hanging with me! It gives me warm fuzzies.




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