Reflections on the 2016 Planning Worksession


I just wanted to say that I had such a good time doing the Periscope versions of the 2016 Personal Planning Worksessions. For everyone who joined us: “Thank You!”. It’s been a roller coaster ride around here since I decided to do the Planning Worksessions. It’s been one thing after another. Initially I thought hard about cancelling and just trying for another time but I felt like that would be a step in the wrong direction. Who am I to say that NOW wasn’t the time even if things were going haywire other places. I stopped and thought about all of the people who have lived a life of impact and wondered how many of them were having personal struggles even while they were doing something in service to others. I wondered about some of the people who I know personally and how they have accomplished great things even when I know that behind the scenes has been rough. LOL!! People are amazing creations. We are capable of so much and we are full of so much potential that the world cannot contain all of it. I hope that you know that what you have to give us (humanity) is priceless and we are all waiting with baited breath for your contribution. Trust me when I say that, no matter what the barriers or challenges if you press to the end you will not regret it.

Love you!



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