The Imagine Impact Project!

Life is so short. I spent the better part of yesterday “remembering how to live”! I have been incredibly busy and I looked up to realize that I had been helping everyone else and had allowed me and my life to slip some. It didn’t slip much but it was enough to make me notice. I had a meeting scheduled that was pushed back by four hours. Four! I sat on my couch and could not, for the life of me, decide what to do with those hours. Isn’t that strange? I am the master of lists. I am the sultan of categories. Yet I was stumped.

Just like anyone can, I had fallen into a gap. The space between what I should be doing and what I felt like doing. Its a terrible space, isn’t it? You know what you should do but you don’t. You can’t think of anything so you just sit. There’s tons of stuff to do: household chores, writing, organizing, purging your obese email account, yup, there is stuff. to. do. but you don’t want to do it.


Because you want to matter. You want to matter in the grand scheme of life. You want to make an impact. You want the world to be better because you were here and  cleaning the guest bathroom just doesn’t seem to measure up, does it?

We want to matter and guess what, we shall! Every day we can decide to spread the impact that we have with in us. Remembering how to live is a choice even if you aren’t totally sure how to…do it. Who cares if its perfect or gorgeous or beautiful or enormous or continent shifting or has galactic size world-wide repercussions? It only matters that you did it! You matter and of that, I am certain! You have a massive amount of God given potential boiling inside of you every single day and today you can make that impact. Today, you…yes you, can impart that impact. The Imagine Impact Project is below. Check it out and use it!! Spread it!! Share it and encourage others to impart their God-given impact!

The Imagine Impact Project:

AGTW Imagine Impact Mini Note Cards on Etsy
AGTW “Imagine Impact” Mini Note Cards on Etsy

Stop the world and learn or remember the sound of your own inner-voice. Then imagine how you could impact the world! Close your eyes and let your creative, fun, caring, dynamic, enormous imagination take you on a journey to a time in the future where you intentionally make a positive impact.

-Imagine some fun ideas for impact then write down your idea (your plan to leave a positive impact, big or small) in a notecard.
-Put your note into an envelope, seal it and place it somewhere conspicuous where you’ll keep seeing it like your wallet, desk drawer or jacket pocket.
-Set out to fulfill your note and leave a positive impact!
-Once you accomplish your “journey” open your note and celebrate! Be sure to put it somewhere special where you can recount your impact in this world.

TIP: Setting a few small goals will increase your momentum. For example: Give one unsuspecting person a compliment or buy two cups of coffee and give one to a stranger in line.

Take things further and swap notes with someone and hold each other accountable to “Imagine Impact”!

E    N     J     O    Y   🙂


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