Life Hack: Organizing your wallet with Post-It Notes


I went to Target and look what I found!



And they were on sale!!

I love Post-It notes. I won’t try to hide it. I simply love these little buddies. I feel like they are so useful! Make a list and stick it just about anywhere. Color code to your hearts content. Organize all of your organization tools! LOL. Look below to see how I use them.

First up…lists!


I love that this note is separated into three sections. I put one of these in every room of my house. I use them to keep track of things that I want to do in those rooms. We are still settling in so some spaces need storage solutions or furniture items and in other rooms, like the bathroom, I just need to know what items I’m running low on. I like to prioritize my lists. The top section I have labeled “A”. This is the “Do This or Else…” section. “B” is “This Would Be Nice…” section and “C” is “When Pigs Fly I’ll…” section. You know what? Some days, pigs fly around these parts 🙂

Next up…reminder tags.


These little buddies are useful for all kinds of random things, including attaching a note to a door knob so certain people don’t forget their lunch. However the thing I like to do most is use these to organize cash! Who uses cash anymore, you ask. We do…sometimes. Anyway, I like to know what’s happening with the cash (or else it will be spent) and if you fold these guys in half it’s a perfectly tabbed cash band!!



Here is another little trick…

We use different bank cards for different things and when I need to know what’s supposed to be happening with each card I use a small tab to keep track of it. I just write what’s what on the tab, stick it to the card and put it back in the card holding section of my wallet. Added bonus: the tabs are like little handles on the cards and it makes sliding them out of the wallets death grip much easier. (don’t you hate standing at the check out line wrestling with the dang card!)


Thats about it guys. Let’s chat about how you organize your wallet! I’d love to hear your tips!

Talk to you soon,



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