5 Visuals To Wake Up Mornings


Below are 5 of my morning motivation tools. I use these every day! They are kept in an album on my phone and I look at them shortly after I wake up. One morning I was wandering around my room trying to figure out what I wanted to do first. I had my to-do list that i had made the night before but something still wasn’t right. I knew that I wasn’t in the correct frame of mind to approach my day. I had done my morning devotions and I knew what my personal priorities were so what was the problem?!? I thought about this for a while and realize that I was missing some… sparkle. I was missing that little bit of light, whimsical elation that comes from being aware, in that very second, that your future is super duper bright! That tingle about the future. It wasn’t that I didn’t know intellectually what my goals were. It was that I needed a visual, tantalizing reminder on a daily basis that invoked a sense of excitement. These are what I came up with.

The first one is screen shot from a very successful pastor that I follow on Insta. I was struck by the tone of this because it seemed almost mischievous. LOL When I read this I thought “Is that what this guy thinks when he gets out of bed?” LOL. I figured it was a great first addition to my newly created Morning Motivation Album because this method of thought is slightly more aggressive than my natural process. As it pertains to pursuing my life goals I think, at times, i could use a bit more aggression.


 This next one I created my self. Some years ago my husband asked me to describe my “perfect day”. I took some time and wrote exactly what they day would look like from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I will always remember what I wrote because I used really descriptive language. I described what I wore down to how it felt on my skin and what I ate down to how it made me feel. I loved that day that I lived in my head. It was amazing. Filled with creativity, family, friends, food, quietness, concentration and new adventures. It was a great day! When I read this poster I think about that day in detail.


This one came to me as a direct result of a statement that Dr. John Maxwell put in his book “21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership”. The 5th law is the Law of Addition: Leaders add value by serving others. I progress the Law, for myself, by applying the Principle of Perfection. In order to add value to others I have to perfect my skills. This poster reminds me to bring my gifts to the table and to always increase my learning.


I like the straightforward language of this poster. Thats all. LOL


This last poster sums up the day for me. I created this to help me keep a handle on what I want my day to feel like. I find that this poster is the one that I come back to through out the day just to check in and see where I am. I separated everything into three sections; the start of my day, the middle and the end.  These words encapsulate the space I choose to live in through out my day. The start is about Danita! The middle is about creating and moving the vision forward and accomplishing my purpose. The end is about checking in, connecting and indulging in the people and things that make life great!!


I hope you enjoyed this and will think about creating your own Morning Motivation visuals!

Love you,



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