Video series- First step for planning and organization

Good day folks,

Welcome to our first video! Exciting times!! This video is about taking the very first step toward planning and organizing. How many times have we jumped up and decided that its time to get things in order? We head to the store and buy a fresh new planner or we sit down with an app in our cell phone or tablet and start setting things straight. The reality for many of us though, is that shortly after this we fall off and begin our rut, again. Sad face. What I have found is that the issue we have not addressed is the most important step to our over haul. –>Setting our personal priorities.<– We must determine, establish and frame our priorities. We fall off from our great plans because what is important to us hasn’t been brought to the table and used as a guide for our lives. In this video I share how to accomplish this step and how to build on this list so that it “speaks” to us even in tough times. Enjoy and happy prioritizing!




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