Delicious Shrimp Quesadillas.

I love Pioneer Woman and to be honest I have never tried a recipe of hers that wasn’t delicious! I was watching her show the other evening when she made Shrimp Quesadillas. I filed images of that deliciousness away for later. Well, “later” came this afternoon :). I realized I had tortillas I needed to use or loose and a few shrimp in the same category.
I didn’t have all the ingredients she had so this is a version based on my recollection but it was so yummy and simple.
First cook some onions and peppers on high heat until they take on a little color. Set them aside.

Next season and cook your peeled and deveined shrimp. I used McCormick steak seasoning. Pioneer Woman used a red spicy sauce that I cannot recall and do not have. 🙂

I browned the shrimp in a pat of butter and turned them when they got nice and brown.


Now give them a rough chop and set the aside with the veggies.


Next melt a pat of butter in a pan and once it’s bubbling but but not brown throw your tortilla on there and use your hand to carefully rub it around in the pan to soak up that butter. Yummmm! Then add cheese, I used Monterey Jack, veggies and shrimp.




Yummy, bubbly, buttery, cheesy goodness right there.

After it’s had a minute to melt and warm through add more cheese to the top. Slap the other tortilla on top and flip the whole mamma over. You will see golden delicious goodness in your pan, I promise.





Let it brown up and then it’s time to enjoy!

That business on top is just strays that fell out during the flip.

Cut it into quarters and enjoy!

Here are some close ups. It was sooooo cheesy, warm, gooey and delicious! Thank you Pioneer Woman!





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