The 15 minute rule.

There are times when, in my imagination, this is how I deal with a junky house! Sigh…

Okay let’s set my humor aside and get down ta bidniz!
We’ve never met anyone who didn’t want a tidy home. However we’ve met droves of people, our selves included, who find this to be a difficult task to consistently accomplish. The desire is there but sometimes what we lack is the know how. Here, at A Glance This Way, we believe in Know How!

Here is a process for tidying that keeps the overwhelming feeling of an untidy home at bay. This process has been adapted from FlyLady. We love her!

Tools you’ll need:
-Trash can
-Basket (A laundry basket will work just fine)
-Timer (I use my cell phone timer)

This only takes 15 minutes. Seriously! 15 minutes and not one second more. The goal of this is to tidy, not spring clean. Dust bunnies,carpet stains and wiping down walls aren’t on the menu with this rule. Think: Neat.

Set your timer. Work as quickly as you can for 15 straight minutes. Trash goes in the trash can and things that don’t belong in that space go into the basket. The out-of-place items that live in that room go to their home. When the timer goes off, STOP. You’re done.
Empty the basket by returning things to their home. (2 minutes) Don’t forget to return the basket to its home. Take the trash can back to its home and that’s it.
You will be amazed at how much can be accomplished in 15 minutes. Most times I finish an area with time to spare. If I’m feeling special I add a cleaning cloth and spray cleaner and use that extra time to wipe down surfaces.

This process works as long as you keep yourself to the time limit and empty the basket.

Start thinking of a messy room as a quick 15 minute fix and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the task.

Other 15 minute Rule scenarios:
-Cleaning out the car.
-Cleaning out your purse/work bag
-Evening walk through (I only do trash and “Doesn’t belong here”basket as I walk through the entire house. 15 minutes and not a second more!)

Thanks for hanging out with us today!


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