My lil’ Vaca

Hi Darlings!
It’s been a phenomenal week and I am going to tell you why! I had a lil’, tiny, mini, much needed, unexpected(!!!!) vacation. It was lovely. I went to South Carolina. It was refreshing and refueling. I was invited to attend an #IAmWoman conference and it was great. I heard so many wonderful women share great stories of triumph after disaster, personal growth and development, parenting and all kinds of other amazing things.
It wasn’t until I had been there for two days that it occurred to me how much I needed that get away. I wasn’t going crazy at home but what I received while in SC came to me distraction free!!!! Clarity of thought…distraction free. Time to quietly reflect….distraction free. Eating meals…distraction free! What distractions, you ask? Here you go!
My list of distractions:
(So essentially, if it’s a noun it’s a possible distraction.)
Now, as a point of clarity, I get wonderful opportunities to do stuff at home. I reflect, think, eat…all dat’ BUT those activities come with a price. This weekend I enjoyed that stuff free of charge. It was a delicious treat.
I understand now why many of the great women I know don’t stop at sending their kids away occasionally but they send themselves away also. There is something to be said for a few reflective distraction free days. It was yummy.
What do you do to silence distraction?



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