Why I make bento lunches.

Hi everyone!
So, last week I had a lady ask me why I pack Bento bento lunches for my kid. I had been anticipating this question so I chuckled to myself a bit. I gave them my answer and they just said “Oh, ok.” I guess it wasn’t sexy enough for them. It’s quite simple actually. I pack Bento’s because…

I like too.

That’s it! I like making them. I have no other reason. I’m not trying to sneak vegetables into their tummies through covert and divisive tactics. I don’t need to do that because they eat vegetables without coercing. They dont eat all vegetables that ever existed but I’m cool with that. I just feed em’ the ones they eat and I usually do that at dinner.
Fruit isn’t a huge issue in our house either so bentos don’t assist me with fruit consumption.
The truth is, I’m crafty. Always have been. Making a cute lunch is just my way of spicing up that daily task. As a rule I keep our bentos simple. You are not going to find The Hundred Acre Wood fashioned solely from rice, nori and sesame seeds and a relief of Pooh hewn from edamame husks laying neatly inside a Bento around here. I am NOT the one. LOL. It’s not my style. I have only created one complicated( using this word loosely) bento. It involved Martians from Toy Story, egg salad and dry spaghetti…SMH…never again! I keep it simple, quick and something they will want to eat. There are bento creators out there who make amazingly decorative boxes. Go guy!!!!! I’mma just cheerlead from the sidelines and stay out of the professionals way.
Here is what you will find in our boxes: White Bread! Plain old evil white bread. Nutella, left over bits of cereal that no one is touching, carrots, carrots, carrots, all kind of carrots, cut-up-different-ways carrots…all with ranch dipping sauce. Fruit we need to use or loose and some sort of chip or stick. Oh, and candy or fruit snacks! And maybe a tiny toy.
That’s just how we roll. I love making them and Michael loves eating them so I keep making them. 🙂 What’s your “Why”?



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