Two holidays = A short week for bento boxes!

Good day people!!!!
How are you feeling? I’m feeling wonderful. It’s the first crisp morning of the season and I love it. You open the front door and its still kinda blue outside. The air is cooler than expected but not cold. My kinda weather! I hope you are enjoying the weather at your house! 🙂
Bentos for the week: Since our week was so celebratory (Labor Day & Rosh Hashanah) we have just three Bentos to share with you.
Here they are!

20130906-081416.jpg This was Tuesday’s lunch. Nutella crackers, apple chunks, Cookie Crisp cereal and fruit snacks.

20130906-081541.jpg This was our Lizard Lunch. Granola bar, Nutella sandwiches, grapes, carrot matchsticks with ranch and fruit snacks.

20130906-081746.jpg Last but not least, pretzels with Nutella for dipping, strawberries with silver sprinkles and granola with candy eyes!
What did you pack this week?


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  1. Alexandr says:

    I love the lunches you have shown here I too pack mine and my hubsnads lunches daily and now my youngest son is trying to save money I pack his too. I love your idea of using the cupcake papers. This is great.thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed these Alenandr. Thank you for stoping by! 🙂

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