Oohhh, I love your lashes!! Tutorial

Hi ladies,
I don’t normally wear false lashes but I decided to throw em’ on and feel glamorous for a few days. Here’s a tutorial on how I apply them.
I always use individual lashes with the knot if I want to have them in for a few days. I use strips for a one day application.
These come in brown also!

I use both short and medium lengths. Starting with medium on the outside and finishing with short on the inner lid. I think it looks more natural that way.
Confession: I am not loyal to any one brand of glue when it comes to individual lashes. I am a one-glue-girl when it comes to bands: Duo glue. For these individual lashes I used Sassi Eyelash Glue in Dark

Why am I not committed to one glue for individual lashes? Because I feel like eyelash prep determines glue performance. Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not gonna whip out my kids Elmer’s in a pinch. I always buy black, semi permanent and I always buy separate. I don’t trust that little tiny tube that comes in the pack. It’s a joke! Moving on to prep:
Clean lashes = more days of fabulousness! Dirty lashes = frustration. I clean my lashes with disposable lipgloss applicators and toner. Just wipe em clean. I don’t use cotton swabs or cotton balls cause getting a cotton fiber in your eye is the worst. Period. So, prep and let them dry.
I use tweezers to pull the lash off. I also turn the box upside down and pull up.

Grab near the knot and pull slowly. You don’t want to shred the lash or it will look like this!

Not cute and not usable.
Next dip the end in glue. I put my glue in the case. It looks kinda gross 🙂

Now carefully place the lash between your lashes at the lash line. It takes practice, lots of practice but once you get it you will get them done quickly. Here are some shots for you guys!

How do you apply your lashes? Do you have a favorite glue?







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