Woke up late. Still on time! How, you ask?

Good morning everyone,
I am currently sitting in my car.

(Ignore that trash by my feet) 🙂 Now, you may be wondering “Why” or “I don’t care that your sitting in your car, Danita” but give me a moment to fill you in. 😉 I went to bed super late last night which translated into waking up super duper late this morning. 7:15am to be exact! The bus comes at 7:27am. I woke the kids, well, I woke one of the kids. The other one was just opening his eyes when I opened mine. We all got to the bus stop (we drive them to the stop hence, my reason for being in the car) clean, dressed, with lunch, tummies full of food, in possession of our sanity and with all supplies needed for the school day.
Here’s the point of this post: We woke up late and still made it to the bus with 2 minutes to spare because we did our nighttime routine. I am here to announce and proclaim the truth of the following statement: “A NIGHTIME ROUTINE SAVED OUR BUTTS THIS MORNING!!” (Again) That is all. Carry on!
Ps. If you want to know more about our routine, check out this post.
Have a GREAT day guys. Remember, your doing a great job and you rock!!!


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