Lipstick Love: A technique to stop your lipstick from separating.

Hello! Happy Friday.
You may or may not know that, just like all parents, I had a life before motherhood… in which I was a  professional makeup artist. It had not occurred to me to add this part of my life to this blog…I’m not sure why. LOL! Anywho, here is a “Getting ready for the weekend” tip for all you cute Mammas.

If I find a lipstick color I love I buy it. Sometimes it’s a pro brand and other times it is not .Price is not always an indicator of quality and you can find some really cute products in drug stores and even the check out isle of your local grocery store. I found this product in a beauty supply store and I fell in love. It’s NYC Matte “Hippie Chic”.

I love the color and the feel but I was not thrilled with the pay off of color. I have to swipe quite a few times to get the depth I want and it doesn’t stay smooth a day. So what was this girl to do? I love what I love and I love this color. Luckily I have trick for this particular issue that I learned while working at MAC. The trick is intended to stop “feathering” which is when lipstick runs into deep creases on a mouth and feathers out of the lip line. The unintended benefit is that this trick keeps color on your mouth longer and gives it a creamy boost which keeps it smooth.

So, here’s the trick:
Concealer. Just brush a thin layer on, apply as usual and viola’…problem fixed. Let me know how it works for you! Have a great weekend!







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