What I learned yesterday that changed my life…


Good morning,

I just finished reading Loose 40lbs in 1 Day. Needless to say, the book is not literally showing you how to drop 40lbs in a day. The book is about deciding to live a fit life and how that decision is what will cause real, lasting results.

Now on to what I learned. You know how you have read the same concept 100x’s but you hear it said a different way and it clicks? That’s what happened when i was reading this book! I already knew that the amount of energy that a particular food holds is measured in calories. Calorie is a system of measurement just like ounces measure mass and inches measure length or width. Calories measure energy. The amount of energy in an apple is represented by calories. I also already knew that if we eat less calories than we burn then we will loose weight. If we do not burn those calories then they become fat that we store so we can burn them later. Simple right? Well the book explains it in a way that just made sense to me. The author at one point (in a few sentences) doesn’t call calories, calories. He calls them energy. This blew my mind. LOL. My body has stored too much energy and if I am specific about the energy I put in my body I can allow my body to release the energy it has been dying to release. I began to imagine my body as car with too much gasoline flooding the engine, a circuit breaker with too much electricity input and a highway with too many cars trying to merge on, LOL. I was amazed at how the simple idea of food being energy was giving me a clearer image of what needed to happen.

Later that evening I was sitting on my bed thinking about this energy idea and mindlessly grabbed the bag of cookies some one had given to me earlier. As i snacked on a piece of cookie I realized what I was doing and thought “I should not be eating this cookie, especially at this hour. I know better.” then I thought ” But I love these kind of cookies and I never allow myself to buy them so I’m gonna eat them.” then I thought “Wait, I already have too much energy stored up in this body of mine. I REALLY don’t need any more.” So I put the cookies away, drank some water and went to bed. I felt great because i wasn’t telling myself not to eat the cookie because i am not suppose to be eating cookies. It wasn’t until last night that I realized I don’t have a will power problem I have a “Telling me not to do something just because I shouldn’t do it doesn’t work for me.” problem. I was able to walk away from the cookie because it made perfect sense to me. I have enough energy already.

So to wrap this up: I’m excited. LOL. I have another tool to assist me with my fit lifestyle. I also lost something SOOOO desperately worth loosing: the idea that I would never find my will power. That idea is dead, I had my will power all along. Make it a great day guys!


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