As promised: Bento lunches from last week!

Good day friends!! Here are our most recent boxes. One morning I let the kids make all the choices for their boxes. All I did was take pictures, LOL!! It’s pretty obvious which box is theirs  But hey, they ate and I heard no evening complaints about vegetables (because there were no vegetables). Here goes:

Kids Bento lunch. Crackers, Pepperoni on a pick, goldfish, animal crackers, grapes and seasoned cucumbers.

This box has saltine crackers, pepperoni on a stick, gold fish, animal crackers, seasoned cucumbers and grapes to keep everything still. This box came home empty! Score!!

Kids Bento Boz lunch. Gold fish under pepperoni, diced pickles, carrots, grapes, ranch dressing and crackers

Pepperoni on a pick with gold fish underneath. There is a silicone divider keeping the pepperoni from making the goldfish soggy, diced gherkins, carrots, grapes, ranch dressing and crackers.

Kids Bento box lunch. Gold fish under Pepperoni, carrots, grapes, ranch dressing and diced pickles

Basically the same box as above 🙂

Kids Bento Lunch. Salami, pepperjack cheese, apple sauce, dry cereal and pretzel sticks

This is the “kid packed” box! Hilarious!! There is apple sauce in the white container.

Pepperoni, pretzel sticks, mandarin oranges, dry cereal and chocolate covered pretzels

The other “kid packed” box. There are mandarin oranges in the white box and chocolate covered pretzels added by the 2nd grader.

Kids Bento Lunch. White cheddar cheese Cheezits, salami and pepperjack chesse slices, diced celery, ranch dressing, crackers and grapes.

White cheddar cheese Cheezits, salami and pepper jack cheese, celery, ranch dressing. crackers and grapes.

Kids Bento Lunch. White Cheddar Cheese Cheezits, pepperoni flowers on a pick, broccoli, ranch dressing, crackers and grapes

White cheddar cheese Cheezits, pepperoni rolls, brocolli, ranch dressing, crackers and grapes.

Those are all the boxes from last week. I asked the kids to think about another kind of protein they would like in their lunches. We’ll see what they come up with. Have a great week!!


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  1. Love this idea! Can you share where you get your little boxes and containers?

    1. Hi purelife!,
      Most of the containers that I have came from the dollar store. I got the frog container on line at a site
      The blue containers are made by a company called Sistema. I found them onsale at the grocery store around back to school season. Enjoy!

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