“Currently” Challenge-This just happened.

Joining in a blog challenge by Ali Edwards called “Currently” Lets see how this goes.

I am “Currently”

Chewing: Gum, Trident to be exact. I ate a yummy chicken wrap but it was well seasoned!…hence the gum.

Thinking: “Why did I wear these pants today? They’ve obviously taken a vow to saw me in half at the next wearing and here I am, being sawed in half. I should have thought this through more carefully”.

Tired: of work because I get very little actually done due to the other work that pops up to be done.

Feeling: A mix. sleepy, excited, happy, tired of this gum, ready.

Wondering: what I am going to do with myself this weekend since the boys are with their grandparents.

Confused: about this work assignment. How am I supposed to get the home addresses to random people when all I have are first names O_0 ??

Laughing: At a co-worker who went searching for food and returned with a dejected half a pretzel stick and a cup of flat soda

Nonplussed: by another super self important co-worker who wants me to give somebody a message about nonsense. Aint happening.

Sure: that these pants are going directly into the trash when I get home.

Wishing: I had a piece of chocolate.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. may says:

    i like this post, not overly serious like the ones i’ve seen. i chuckled a bit about the pants issue. been there ^.~))

    1. Thanks, we shared a little chuckle because I was laughing too. 🙂 btw loved your post on rotating kid toys. I’m going to work on that ASAP!

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