More Bento Fun!! 9/10-9/14

Hello all,

Another great week. I saw a pin on Pinterest that showed a “snack box” that I thought was worth trying. It also gave me an excuse to go to IKEA (here is an instagram of that moment) LOL! Anywhoooo, here are the boxes.


I woke up late and had to THROW this box together. Large pepperoni on a yellow pick, goldfish, red apple chucks that were already sliced and in the fridge, a Special K bar, cookies and gum balls.This is our Avengers tin bento box.

ImageThis is our frog bento with dried corn and peas from the Dutch market, special K bar, Cupcake goldfish, pepperoni and wheat thins, carrots, green apple chunks and salad dressing in the little container.

ImageAs promised, here is pic of the frog bento closed with its little band about it. Cute!


I made chilli for dinner and the fellas carried on about having it in their lunch. Luckily, I don’t have kids that are super picky about food temps so…I heated the chilli in this little container I snagged from IKEA added some carrots, grapes, pitta stuffed with a pepperoni and kiwi seeds called Passion Poppers (like a kiwi and a grape had a teeny tiny baby, delic)

ImageLeft over Panda Express chow mien, grapes, turkey “sushi” rolls, nutter butter cookies and pretzels. BTW: the kids thought the turkey rolls were really gross! LOL The bread was on its last leg (shame on me for trying to sneak that one by LOL!!!)

ImageLarge container I went to IKEA to find. This comes with dividers!!!!!! I was so pumped! This will become our week day travel snack bento box!


ImageLOVE!! From the top left: Italian cookies (they have a real name but I cant think of it), pretzels, almonds, oyster crackers, dried corn and peas, gold fish, dried blueberries and dried cranberries and wheat thin crackers.

My youngest son is on a competitive gymnastics team and has practice 2 days a week for three hours each. This little box is a life saver for my oldest son and I while we wait!

Thanks for glancing our way!


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  1. Selvinas says:

    Looks great but it also looks very big! After this I’m not sure I’d want to eat dinner anymore haha. But it’s a good way to eat nuts and fruit. very healthy!

    1. Hi Selvinis,
      This box is huge actually! LOL! I fill it up once a week and we snack on it while we are out and about through out the week. The kids just started eating the dried fruits so now I have to share those 😉

      1. Selvinas says:

        Well, for the whole week it not that big!

        I’m surprised they like dried fruit, most kids I know don’t!

  2. kiisu23 says:

    They all look really good!! I didn’t think about IKEA for boxes, I’ll hopefully be going soon so I’ll have to have a good hunt 🙂

    1. Hunting around IKEA is one of my fav past times!! They have the cutest silicone cupcake molds also. (I have boys and the molds are too cutesy to use for them.) Please post a pic of what you find!! 🙂

      1. kiisu23 says:

        I spent 8 hours in IKEA the first time I went 😀 I love it!!!

        I can’t wait for the next time i go 🙂
        If I buy stuff (I’m sure I will) I will upload some photos 🙂

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