Bento Box for 9/4-9/7 + My first and last intricate bento box!!

Last week had a holiday in it and the kids spent a few nights at my parents house (#winning) so I didn’t make a Bento every day. I did however, go grocery shopping and somehow my little double decker cart steered it self down the cupcake decoration isle and magically stopped infront of THE CUTEST little food decorations so…I indulged on Bento stuff. More on that later.

This first box is the one that I made this morning. Its inspired by the Disney movie Toy Story. Here is the original recipe. I had the strangest mix of emotions on this box: happiness because it’s my first “intricate” bento and it came out so cute and simultaneously I felt utter confidence that I will never make anything like this again!! Ever. While its cute I don’t like to pick or fuss over anything and I picked and fussed over these little martians.

I will give you a brief idea of how I got roped into making these little green martians from Toy Story: My neice posted a Bento pic on my FB wall. I saw it and thought “I have those indredients. That doesn’t look difficult and my kids love egg salad” Fastforward to yesterday after the Redskins season opener WIN over the Saints I was feeling energized and decided to try these martians. 30 minutes later after MUCH trial and error I place four little faces in the fridge as prep to Monday morning, authored and took the Never Make Another Fussy Bento oath and then enjoyed a well earned nap. So here it is…

Toy Story martians made out of cucumber. The eyes are eggs and the green details are cucumber skin. That’s egg salad underneath, one of my kids favs! The stars are cut out Naan with food decorator pen smiley faces.

I also added some Gold fish for an afternoon snack at the sitter

Fish in a lemon!

Here are some of my cutters that I ordered from Amazon. I have just started using these. I used the smallest circle for the egg eyes and the star for the Naan.

Here are some sandwich cutters I found at the dollar store.

Bento from last Thursday. We were out an about pretty late for a week night so we had Taco Bell for dinner. Shame on me, I know. The boys wanted to take their left over burritos for lunch. They next morning I warmed them up and wrapped them in foil hoping they would stay a tiny bit warm til lunch. I heard no complaints that evening so I guess they were fine! LOL

Chicken Burrito, clementine wedges, pepper jack cheese and celery standing up in peanut butter.
Chicken Burrito, roasted corn, clementine wedges, peeled cucumbers, pretzels standing in Nutella

This is what I found while grocery shopping at Wegmans. Looking forward to giving these a go!

Silver sprinkles and icing eyes. So cute and NOT fussy!! 🙂
Icing and food writer pens! Awesome!
Here is one attached!

Hope you enjoyed!


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