My feelings suck…

Today is Memorial Day. I am off from work. The children are at my mothers house and I don’t have to be at the cookout I promised to attend until later this afternoon. What should I be doing with all of this “opportunity”? Clean the kitchen, bathroom, floors… grocery shop, fold the laundry, take the car for an oil change, adopt a child from a third world country? There is just so much I COULD do. Instead, I get up early and groom the dog.

Now, that might sound like a great choice however I know myself better than you do and I know WHY I made that choice. Confession: I groomed the dog because doing so gave me an opportunity to be creative and I didn’t feel like doing something mundane and domestic.

I will choose creative activities over chores anyday but the undone chores will leave me feeling overwhelmed as I proceeded into the coming work/school week.

So, I have a beautifully groomed Shi Tzu and I saved my family about $100.00 on grooming fees BUT (the big but) I didn’t make the responsible choice. I made a choice based on feelings.

My feelings are indicators. They tell me how I am processing things and which emotional filter I am using. Feelings aren’t the things decisions are based on. Feelings are like signs on the Highway. They tell me where I am or what’s next but the signs don’t decide where I’m going. I do! My feelings can’t be trusted to decide what is best simply because they aren’t designed to do that. The signs on I95 don’t tell me which town or city is best based on my needs. They just tell me where these places are. Prior research to gain information about these destinations and how well they suit my goals is what helps me determine where I am going. Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are to be trusted. Feelings are not.

Annnnnnddddd so…while all I feel like doing is napping I am going to straighten up my room and do laundry…on my day off…because my feelings are free to change at any moment but my responsible decisions give my life direction.



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