The truth is…

The truth is…

I am a mom trying to keep my head above it all. I read blogs by awesome moms who are taking care of business and I get really stoked and amped up. I feel inspired and motivated to be Mom-a-Million and then I realize that the laundry still isn’t folded, the kids room (and my room) is frightful, the dog’s fur is matted beyond repair, the cabinets are empty because the dishes are in the sink, the car is not actually dark blue, its just that the yellow pollen and the dark green paint make such a pretty shade of blue (why wash THAT away!) and I am walking by the kitchen trash can as if I don’t see it overflowing.

The reality is that I am not Mom-a-Million or even her first cousin, Mom-a-$500,000. I am just me and I am just These Kids mom and I am just This Wonderful Man’s fiancé and This Good Guy’s administrative aide and This Great Pastor’s secretary, and This Caring Lady’s daughter and…get the picture. I am only ALL of this and so, some stuff doesn’t always get done. And that’s ok. Its O.K. Why? Because I said it’s ok. That’s why! And if I can raise These Kids and be the love of This Wonderful Man’s life and be This Good Guy’s walking Outlook Today page and This Great Pastor’s sounding board and scheduler and This Caring Lady’s fifteen-phone-calls-about-nothing-really then I can say what is and what is not O.K. in my own home.

Also, it should be noted that while things are undone, less is undone this year than years past. I am growing as a Mom/Lover/Employee/ChurchVolunteer/Daughter/100otherthings. I am not the woman I once was. (Maybe one day I will introduce you to her. She has an amazing story).

Welcome to my personal peptalk. I hope you enjoyed the ride!



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  1. may says:

    i also learned to tell myself that it’s okay but it took a while. now, i just enjoy being with my kids and not think about the mess, the trash, the laundry, the dust! lol ^.~))

    1. I was looking through my older posts and saw your comment. I had no idea this was here! I always try to respond so let me start my saying (7 months late), Thank you for your comment and i am so thrilled to be in the presence of great company!! You rock! 🙂

  2. Enjoyed this post! I have learned the value in telling myself its okay. It’s okay that everything isn’t perfect and it’s okay for me to take time for myself. At the end of the day his grace is sufficient! Learning to live in the moment..

    1. Thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I hear you, living in the moment key!

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